About me

Amanda McSweeney was born and lives in Melbourne Australia. Having a husband as a builder Amanda is actively involved in the Architecture and interior design. Having designed jewellery and completed a ceramic course her main focus is now on her artwork.

Amanda’s artwork is inspired by travel, life events, architecture and interiors. Her finished paintings are rich in texture and have multiple transparent layers with an ever evolving style. Her artworks evolve through life experience and emotion highlighting hidden detail and texture. As she paints she likes to have the artwork speak for itself steering her in all directions combining her inspirations. She loves to explore using different mediums often combining acrylics, oil and pastels on one canvas.

“I have always loved creating and when l have a blank canvas
it is an exciting new spontaneous journey. I love the unusual
and l love different. Painting just takes me away and isolates me
from the busy life we lead”.